Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hidangan Ramadhan:Ramadhan in our heart

Dear children ,
The month Ramadhan has a special place in the heart of muslim.

That is why you rejoice when it comes.

Why not! When we know that it is the month of Quran,blessing ,health and forgiveness In it one learn order lines,seriousness and studiousness.

It in one make more devotions.

Shaytan are locked away this month in chains and shakles.

So thank your lord for this month and do no waste your valuable time in unnecessary thing,which may stop you from gaining the benefits of fasting and praying in this month may Allah guard you. I wish a happy Ramadhan to all of you.

Dipetik dari buku براعم الايمان مجلة الأطفال الى العالم 'Baraim al-iman'majalah kanak-kanak sedunia